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Welcome – Вітаємо – 歡迎 – Bienvenidos – Benvindo – 어서 오십시오 – Chào mừng – स्वागत छ – ยินดีต้อนรับ – Karibu –

St Joseph’s Long Day Care & Preschool is a unique educational setting run by the Ukrainian Catholic Sisters of St Basil the Great.

The program delivers quality education for 3-5yrs old children designed by an Early Childhood Teacher and 3 Diploma Qualified educators. All our staff is permanent, providing continuity of care and a familiar environment for the children. Our child to educator ratios is excellent, allowing a smooth curriculum run. 

When we say quality education, we refer to nurturing children’s identity, communication skills, community & environmental awareness, numeracy, literacy, and self-help skills helping them develop their best to start school. The program is based on children’s interests, community happenings, and family input.

While we value mixed age grouping, we also recognise the need for children to be part of smaller groups so we can dedicate these times to their specific developmental needs. The program is kept as flexible as possible offering incursions, monthly shows, cooking experiences, music sessions, Zumba, and outings around the local area.

Children are encouraged to become independent and actively involved in the curriculum increasing their sense of identity and belonging. We support families by linking our program to the broader community and services available in the area and beyond.

Our outdoor offers permanent and retractable shaded areas. The playground consist of natural lawn and soft fall areas, fruiting trees, and a functional vegetable garden where children learn about healthy eating and nature. The centre is fully air-conditioned, and rooms are spacious providing places for permanent learning corners, small group experiences, and restrooms.

The Curriculum

Daily Program

Play activities for each day include painting, pasting, playdough, puzzles, blocks, construction equipment, music and movement, storytelling, finger play, books, sand, water, and physically active play.

Preschool Sessions

The whole curriculum is designed to support children’s readiness for school. Preschool sessions run daily and are specially designed to support children’s learning dispositions, social, literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills.

Hours of Operation

The centre operates from 7.45 am to 5.30 pm – Monday to Friday.

Lunch & Teas

During lunchtime children learn to handle their lunch boxes, eat from their containers, and pack them away. These skills take longer to acquire, and they are vital for children starting school.

Therefore, we serve morning and afternoon teas. Both teas include healthy choices so children gradually expand their taste buds. Teas include a combination of natural cereals, savoury/healthy bakes, vegetables, fruits, and milk.

Sleep and rest times

Younger children sleep around 12.30pm to 2.00 pm. Older children have their pre-school sessions until 1.30pm then they have rest/ quiet time till 2pm. If a child does not sleep, they can have books / quiet activities during this time. Older children can join the young ones if they feel tired and need some sleep.

Communication with Families

The centre’s curriculum and children’s journals are shared with families through our website. Families are always welcome to come and see us for a chat.


Our centre always its being recognised for its close attention to cleanliness and wellbeing of all children and staff.

Children learn about hygiene and develop awareness of its importance to keep others and themselves healthy.

Children in our program develop

  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Self-help skills and school readiness
  • Arts awareness through professional music, dancing and drama teachers
  • Sustainable awareness and caring for the environment
  • Knowledge of the local and broader community
  • Early Years Learning Framework outcomes

Contact Details

Phone 02 9649 8374

Mobile 0487 401 645

Emails [email protected]

[email protected]

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework.


It means adjusting, interacting, settling, and developing friendships, trust & confidence. It involves Families – Cultural groups – Wider community – Defining identity, and relationships recognition.


It means discovering, learning, developing social skills, knowing themselves, growing, engaging with life, our environment, meeting challenges, prepare for school and the future.


Means for children to develop and change as they grow. They advance to participate in a complex society and the world by developing lifelong learning dispositions.

Waiting list form & appointment request to visit our centre

Our waiting list is available here – link to our form

Send us email to request an appointment to visit the centre [email protected]

Our Address

We are located at 29 Mary St, with entrance via 57 Church St, Lidcombe.