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Application for Waiting List

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Are you currently:
WorkingSeeking workUnemployedStudying

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Are you currently:
WorkingSeeking workUnemployedStudying

General information:
Marital status:

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Date from which care is required:

Please note:You might not get a place at the centre due to priority of enrolment or regulations. You should ring the centre every june and ask about your position on the list. If you change phone number or address you also to contact the centre and let us know.

Did you use our centre before for an other child / children? YesNo

Do you have more children at home?YesNo

By filling out this form your child/children's name goes on to the waiting list. If you are not offered a place during the year, you will need to contact the centre to know whether you are still interested in remaining on the waiting list.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will be offered a place after a certain period of time.